Same-sex couples seek marriage license

Tuesday, February 14th, 2012   Share on Facebook   Share on Twitter

AUSTIN (KXAN) – Tuesday morning dozens of same sex couples showed up at the Travis County Clerk’s office trying to get a marriage license.

GetEQUAL TX organized the annual Valentine’s Day event to raise awareness about the desire by many to be legally married.

Many of the couples walked into the Clerk’s office hand in hand.

Travis County Clerk Dana DeBeauvoir explained to each couple that the state of Texas did not give her the ability to offer a marriage license.

“Perhaps in the future I could issue a marriage license, but until that day I’m afraid I have to turn you down,” explained DeBeauvoir to a same-sex couple asking for a marriage license.

After the final couple was denied, DeBeauvoir walked away only to hide her tears.

“It’s difficult to watch people come in and be denied something that can be achieved by some couples but not others,” said DeBeauvoir.

Couples like Marcus Gonzales and Hank Robinson, who have been together 11 years, said it just doesn’t make sense to them as to they can’t get legally married.

“We share property together, we own and operate a business together here in Central Texas, so we ultimately believe this is our right,” said Gonzales.

Tiffani Bishop said she hopes this group will come back to the Clerk’s office every month to try and get a marriage license to demonstrate its importance.

“There are over 1,138 rights and privileges that we have no access to that my sister, brother and parents have access to,” said Bishop.

After the final couple was denied a license, several people sat down on the floor and sang songs about marriage.

The Travis County Clerk said the county does offer a same-sex registry for couples. That way, companies that do offer insurance for same-sex couples have a way of seeing that.

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