Protesters Push Dallas Mayor To Sign Gay Marriage Pledge

Friday, January 27th, 2012   Share on Facebook   Share on Twitter

Mike Rawlings Set to Meet with LGBT Groups Saturday

Supporters of marriage equality took over the grounds outside Dallas City Hall Friday tonight.

They’ve been urging Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings to get onboard with a national pledge.

“We really feel that the mayor needs to speak out on this issue, needs to take a stand. We need his private beliefs to match his public policy,” said Get Equal Texas North Texas Coordinator Daniel Cates.

They want Rawlings to join other mayors across the country in signing the Freedom to Marry pledge. They say so far 100 other mayors have.

“I have a lot of friends that are in the LGBT community, and I have seen atrocities that happen to them over and over in this city, and in this state,” said protester Noam Zerzan.

There were some heated exchanges tonight as others came to protest the protesters.

“As a concerned citizen just supporting the biblical definition of marriage and just kind of stand for our Mayor,” said opponent Will Stanford.

Rawlings is scheduled to meet with the group Saturday morning. Last week, on his

“I decided not to sign onto that letter because that is inconsistent with my view of the duties of the office of the mayor,” Rawlings said in the post.

But the protesters think the mayor is out of touch.

“I think that some of his comments have actually been destructive, they’ve bordered on homophobia where he said these are issues that are no relevant to the lion’s share of the community that he serves.  I think that’s an unfortunate statement,” said Cates.

To them, gay marriage is an issue that starts local.

“He has the power to unite with us and when you unite with us and stand for equality for all human beings you send a message to your constituents, the state of Texas and to the rest of America,” said protester Shannon Kern.

“While the mayor may not have the power to directly influence the law, he does have the power to pressure law makers who do have that ability,” said Cates.

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