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My name is Omar Lopez. I am a proud Navy sailor who was discharged under “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” after honorably serving our country for five years.

When I heard the news last week that a federal judge in California ruled that policy unconstitutional and that there was a worldwide injunction stopping enforcement of the policy, I was thrilled — there’s nothing I would love more than to re-join the Navy. With the help of GetEQUAL and a Texas-based GetEQUAL organizer, I went to my local recruitment office to see if I could re-enlist.

Unfortunately, I was turned away.

I want President Obama to know that, while he and others in the White House are trying to figure out what to do with this policy, there are real people out there who are getting caught in the cross-fire — people like me who, given the opportunity, would re-enlist in a heartbeat.

Click on the video below to see some footage of my trip to the recruitment center:

Since last week, my story has been covered by the New York Times [1], MSNBC [2] and several other outlets — and I’m hoping that it will help illustrate the need for this policy to be repealed as soon as possible, while our fate lies in the hands of judges, legislators, and the President.

Please join me in meeting President Obama wherever he goes between now and Election Day to plead with him to sign an Executive Order immediately suspending military discharges while the policy is being dismantled through Congress. This display of leadership and courage will stop the destruction of the lives of those being discharged and will offer hope to those who desperately want to re-enlist.

If you’ve already signed up to take action, please forward this email to everyone you know in order to help spread the word that there are many, many people across the country who simply want to serve this land that we love.

Many thanks for your help in taking action and spreading the word!

Get Out! Get Active! GetEQUAL!

Omar Lopez

U.S. Navy, Discharged Under “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”

[1] “Unexpected Turns for Suit Over ‘Don’t Ask’ Rule” — http://getequal.org/?p=1324

[2] “‘Don’t ask’ soldier attempts to re-enlist” — http://bit.ly/aEEGEj

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