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Rift widens among gay-rights groups

Tuesday, September 28th, 2010

The failure to end Don’t Ask Don’t Tell this year has caused a split over tactics. By Ambreen Ali The gay-rights movement literally began to split at a March 18 rally. Dan Choi, an Army lieutenant since discharged under the military’s Don’t Ask Don’t Tell policy, stood before a group of hundreds of activists with  Read More »

Evolving sense of direction for GOProud, GetEQUAL — gay groups on right and left

Friday, September 24th, 2010

ON THE FENCE: Service members including Lt. Dan Choi, second from left, handcuffed themselves to the White House fence as part of a GetEQUAL operation in April. (Pablo Martinez Monsivais/associated Press) By Dan Zak Washington Post Staff Writer Friday, September 24, 2010 Under a portrait of a smiling Dick Cheney, the new gay right digs  Read More »

Giving DADT the Boot

Thursday, September 23rd, 2010

Webb makes a surprising about-face in DADT vote Tuesday, following activists’ peaceful ”combat boot” demonstration By Chris Geidner In 2006, Jim Webb, the former Navy secretary to President Reagan, became a Democrat and ran to unseat Sen. George Allen (R-Va.), in large part based on Webb’s opposition to the war in Iraq. As was often  Read More »

MIA: Our “fierce advocate” for equality

Wednesday, September 22nd, 2010

We are outraged after watching our right to serve openly in the military be volleyed back and forth like a political football while our community has done all we possibly can to secure our dignity. Just a few minutes ago, the U.S. Senate voted to not move forward with a debate over the National Defense  Read More »

‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ Set For Key Vote Next Week

Saturday, September 18th, 2010

The move to repeal a 17-year-old law barring openly gay Americans from serving in the military faces a crucial test Tuesday when senators are scheduled to vote on the annual defense authorization bill, which includes a provision to end the practice. Its passage remains uncertain as the day approaches. Republican senators, led by ranking Armed  Read More »

Grassroots Groups Leave Boots in Webb’s Office, Ask for DADT Repeal

Friday, September 17th, 2010

Earlier this week, U.S. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) announced a scheduled vote for the defense reauthorization bill, which includes a measure to repeal “don’t ask, don’t tell” (DADT), the 1993 law prohibiting open military service by gays and lesbians. Campus Progress reported on the announcement and Reid’s plans to file a cloture motion  Read More »

Gay and Lesbian Veterans, Discharged Servicemember and Advocates Visit Senator Webb’s Office

Friday, September 17th, 2010

For Immediate Release: September 17th, 2010 Contact: Brad Luna: (202) 812-8140 or Gay and Lesbian Veterans, Discharged Servicemember and Advocates Visit Senator Webb’s Office, Leave Their Combat Boots in Honor of Webb’s past Direct Action and those Serving Under “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” Law GetEQUAL, The Sanctuary Project and H.E.R.O. Implore Senator to Support  Read More »

Help us keep this thing going.

Friday, September 17th, 2010

We can hardly believe that it’s been six months since we launched GetEQUAL — and now we need your help to keep it going. Born out of the passion and people-powered action following Proposition 8 in CA and last October’s National Equality March, GetEQUAL has worked to engage a nationwide network of activists across the  Read More »

Vets use boots to sway Webb

Friday, September 17th, 2010

Senator wore combat boots during 2006 campaign. Military veterans left their combat boots in Sen. Jim Webb’s office Friday morning to urge him to vote for repealing Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. The activists left the boots under a framed pair of combat boots belonging to the Virginia Democrat’s son. Webb wore his son’s old boots  Read More »

GOP hits Dems over ‘Don’t Ask’ on defense bill

Friday, September 17th, 2010

By SCOTT WONG | 9/16/10 6:38 PM EDT Updated: 9/17/10 8:03 AM EDT Republicans assailed Democrats on Thursday for “politicizing” the defense authorization bill by pushing two controversial amendments dealing with gays in the military and citizenship for young, illegal immigrants. Arizona Sen. John McCain, the top Republican on the Senate Armed Services Committee, has  Read More »