Protesters take to Hill to demand ENDA passage

Friday, May 21st, 2010   Share on Facebook   Share on Twitter

Local activists seeking an end to job discrimination against LGBT people held a protest on Thursday before the U.S. Capitol to urge Congress to take action on the issue.

Wielding signs reading β€œI can still be fired for being me” and β€œ1 in 7 LGBTQ face job discrimination,” around a dozen protesters marched up and down Independence Avenue to demand passage of the Employment Non-Discrimination Act.

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One Response to “Protesters take to Hill to demand ENDA passage”

  1. Veronica says:

    Democrats claim to represent LGBT people during the campaigns but we are consistently thrown to the back of us the bus after the election.

    I for one have had enough of this lipservice: these lying politicians have not done ONE thing for Transgender persons. (This week’s repeal of DADT is a LGB issue).

    The gloves are off. Not one penny or minute will be spent on ANY candidate that does not push for ENDA NOW. November is too late. Not one more election refusing to represent Transgender persons.

    Democrats take note: The Republicans are sworn to deny us equality. But Democrats make big promises and do not deliver while taking our time, money and votes. You have been given enough of all from me. Now do something with it or find a way to get yourself elected without support. Equality is overdue. No more excuses. Democrats have a majority NOW, November is too late. Act NOW and stop mis-representing us with lipservice. ACTIONS speak louder than words. ENDA will ensure full support to Dems in Nov. Fail to pass ENDA before November and Dems blow the one opportunity for equality. Equality NOW, ENDA NOW. Not next month, not next year. The clock is ticking, you chose to wait until the 11th hour. Now get busy passing ENDA or else we will see through the betrayal.

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