Crashed Senator Monserrate’s Holiday Party, December 2009

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In December 2008, after leaving his holiday party, Senator Monserrate had an altercation with his girlfriend which ended when he slashed her in the face with a broken bottle. He was arrested and continued to serve on the State Senate. Senator Hiram Monserrate had been a supporter of the gay community and had told many gay rights activists that he would be voting “yes” on Marriage Equality in New York. Because of his recent misconduct, Monserrate went under review by the Senate board. Another anti-gay rights Senator, Ruben Diaz, promised Monserrate a deal, if Monserrate voted “No” on Marriage Equality, Diaz would save Monserrate’s seat in the Senate. In December, 2009, Senator Monserrate voted “No” to Marriage Equality. In response, we went into his holiday party and disrupted the event by yelling “Hiram believes marriage is between one man, one woman, and a broken bottle”
amongst other chants. We were then escorted out by Wayne Mahlke, Monserrate’s gay chief of staff.

In February 2010, Monserrate was expelled from Office. In March, 2010, Monserrate ran as an independent against Peralta for his seat back in the state senate. Queer Rising bird-dogged Monserrate at a public debate and on the day of the race. Monserrate lost his seat in Senate.

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