GetEQUAL Clarifies Role of Tony Perkins in Uganda’s Anti-Homosexuality Bill

On the day that Uganda passed a piece of legislation called the “Anti-Homosexuality Bill” (or “Kill the Gays” bill), GetEQUAL released a statement that included the following paragraph: Uganda has a long history of human rights abuses and governmental corruption, and the recent ‘Anti-Homosexuality Bill’ is simply the latest in a series of attempts to  Read More »

Being a Better Trans Ally is Possible. Here’s How:

By Jakob Jordan Ozias “It takes a great deal of bravery to stand up to our enemies, but just as much to stand up to our friends.” -Albus Dumbledore Tyler Curry’s recent article “Why Gay Rights And Trans Rights Should Be Separated” certainly ruffled a lot of feathers all the way around. Gay/bi folks were  Read More »

Theory of Change Behind Our Mississippi Travel Alert

On Thursday, March 6, GetEQUAL Mississippi issued a “travel alert” for the state — warning LGBTQ travelers to take precautions in traveling in the state as a bill is moving through the state legislature that could permit discrimination against LGBTQ individuals by private businesses and in public accommodations. This bill, SB 2861, is dangerously vague  Read More »

Breaking Down Our Bayard Rustin Social Media Bootcamp

When Black History Month came up this year, we at GetEQUAL Nevada batted around dozens of ideas from movie screenings to poetry nights reading the works of Black Gay authors (which we still may do!). One subject that kept coming up no matter what subject we were talking about was Social Media. Then it hit  Read More »

Isn’t It Time Nevada Had Marriage Equality?

By Derek Washington, GetEQUAL Nevada Lead Organizer Today in Nevada, millions of dollars will be spent on the celebration of love. Millions more could be spent if Nevada chose to embrace marriage equality LGBTQ couples. The wedding industry is a multi-billion dollar addition to the Nevada economy. States such as Iowa and Massachusetts are raking  Read More »

Concern Grows Over Role of Religious Exemptions in ENDA

As the Employment Non-Discrimination Act edges closer to a Senate vote (promised by Harry Reid to take place before Thanksgiving), GetEQUAL is raising concerns about the broad religious exemptions contained in the bill. While many LGBT organizations insist that ENDA maintains the same exemptions as the Civil Rights Act, there is a key, important difference  Read More »

Why Immigration Reform Is a Queer and Trans* Issue

Why Immigration Reform Is a Queer and Trans* Issue We live in a time of increasing intersectionality in our nation. Intersections of class, color, sexual orientation, faith, socioeconomic status, immigration status and gender identity occur at every level and in every aspect of our society.  In moments large and small, we are collectively and constantly  Read More »

Hope is Rising in Mississippi

Hope is Rising in Mississippi: A Response to the Harmful Anti-GLBT Church Conference in Hattiesburg, MS Blog post by CeCe Garrett, co-pastor of Walk Fellowship ( “Y’all must be crazy.” “Have you considered what this means for your family? No retirement plan? No guaranteed income What about your kids’ safety?” “Seriously, you’re not even gay.”  Read More »

Powerful Messages of Support for LGBTQ Youth in Mississippi

Though it has been proven over and over again to not only be ineffective, but to also be dangerous, “ex-gay therapy” or “conversion therapy” continues to be practiced in communities across the country. This week, a local church in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, hosted a conference on “ex-gay therapy.” In response, the local LGBT and allied community  Read More »

The Bravest Person in the Room

This is a guest post by Jennifer McGuire, one of the folks who was arrested on July 16 after the Porterville (CA) City Council voted 3-2 to rescind an LGBT Pride Month proclamation by the mayor. I don’t know his name. I don’t know his background. I don’t know his story. I do know he  Read More »